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Hello lucky surfer, you have found your way to, home of quality html5 games. Jabadoo is a game developer, who started in 2012 with developing Android games but found the world of html5 and was sold.


My main goal is to develop quality html5 games that can be played on both mobile and desktop and are no different from native mobile games. Mobile devices these days are powerfull enough to run quality html5 games on browsers and i'm pushing them with engaging and different gameplay mechanics even more.

I believe if players can get native gameplay experience without having to install anything, they'll discover more different types of games AND more indie developers get their games played, it's a win for everybody.


Owner of game portal?

If you are owner of game portal and want your users to experience my games, please get in contact and make me an offer (that i can't refuce ;) ). Hope you enjoy your visit!!

HTML5 Games

All HTML5 games below are available for non-exclusive licensing. Games works on mobile devices and on desktop computers.

All games supports very easy localisation, includes device orientation detection, sounds on/off button, fullscreen on/off button and custom branding.


Test the games yourself by clicking their icon or follow link in description (recommended for mobile devices).

If you are interested to have these games on your game portal, go ahead and make an offer via contact form below, i'm sure we can make it happen.


Holiday Trouble

Your dream holiday is ruined, your float is tangled with it's rope. Free the float and save the summer.


Swipe Quiz

Scratch photos of famous hollywood stars and quess who they are. Answer fast and receive speed bonus. Use coins to buy more time.


Typed Zombies

Zombies are rising from graves and are hungry. Save yourself and eliminate those creatures with your trusty TYPING.


Fishing Challenge

A fishing game where you control the boat and reel. Catch little fishes and avoid sharks, try to meet level target score. Get powerups for faster boat, faster reel or double hook.

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